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1Basic Info

Missionary Information Sheet

1. Calvary Baptist Church will only support Independent Baptist Missionaries. 2. Because a missionary is a church planter and will pastor churches on the field, it is the policy of Calvary Baptist Church that a missionary must meet the requirements of I Timothy 3 in his personal and public life. 3. Each missionary must be a member of an Independent Baptist Church. 4. Request for finances regarding projects and support should be made directly to the Senior Pastor or Mission Director of Calvary Baptist Church. Questions about said support or church policies should be directed to the Senior Pastor or Mission Director. 5. It is understood that should a missionary change fields, mission boards or home churches, his status for support will be reviewed at that time. 6. It is understood that should a missionary change his doctrinal position, his support will be dropped immediately, even while he is in the field. 7. Calvary Baptist Church Doctrinal Statement: • We believe the King James Version (1611) is God’s Word to the English-speaking people. • We believe in the God-head, being the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit are co-equal in power and glory. • We believe in the Person and Works of Jesus Christ: Deity – Incarnation – Sacrifice for sin. • We believe in the local church: Visible – Local – Self-governing – Self-supporting – Soul winning. • We believe there are two ordinances of the church: (1) Water Baptism and (2) The Lord’s Supper. • We believe there is a hell for the lost and a Heaven for the saved – deemed by CHOICE. • We believe the believer is sealed eternally by the Holy Spirit. • We believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and Pre-Millennial return of Jesus Christ.